Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday I went to the park... and I saw all my oldest friends!!!! I missed them.... I saw Olivia, Alexia, Claire, Gracie, Angela, and Aphya oh and Olivia's bro lolz... but when they left and I only had Angela and Aphya it was sooooo fun!!! Cause these boyz Victor and Steven were trying to throw balls at me and Angela.... but they never got me cause I run soooooo fast!!!! OH YEA!!! lolz... then I saw a guy I like... his name was Darwin.... and I was super freaked out!!!!!!! lolz.. and then me and Steven started to like each other for some reason... it was weird. Lolz will then me, Angela, and Aphya went to my house to hang out... we play guitar hero world tour all night and then Aphya had to go.... and it was only me and Angela... but! It was soooo fun... cause we were talking bout stuff and she is really funny.... and we played some more guitar hero and ate some chips.... Oh and texted some friends on her cell.... lolz 

My Favorite Book Ever!

Hey its kj... I just wanted to tell you wat my favorite book is.. will I love the twilight books because they are very interesting and fun to read... but the last book was horrible when it went up to the Jacob part... lolz... srry idk wat to put... so it might be a little boring to look at...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bout Eli

Will Eli he makes a lot of songs.... but they are really good!!! But the one song he made was kinda dum.... cause its bout boyz and he was acting like a gurl and it was really weird... but he also makes books! everyone loves his books... will I don't read them cause sometimes I don't feel like reading and they are really long...  but u guys should read soome of them cause a lot of his friends loves them! but the thing I hate the most bout eli is that he bothers me.... and asks me to  play with him when I don't want to... but I would play with him but sometimes I am not in the mood for playing... but he is the best bro I ever had... he is really funny, he freaks me out, he is fun to hang out with, he writes really good songs, he takes care of me just like I take care of him, and I love him cause he is the only brother I am going to have in my life.... and he is my twin and I have been his friend since I was in my moms belly =] 

                                                    LUV U ELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO